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"Lower Your Blood Pressure in 90 Days
or Your Money Back"

Point-Of-Sale Counter Displays,
Business Cards,
and Web page
in one marketing campaign.

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Synergy SLM Smart

Web page you can order from
Point-of-Sale Counter Display
Business Card

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Six Figures in Six Months

Must read to understand how the PEProfile, Online Training and Simulator all tie into the 3 Step Success Pattern and how to implement the predictable success system in your business. Cheer along with the main character as he achieves massive success while you learn to achieve your own. Build your business faster and with less frustration. Experience predictable success through the 3 Step Success Pattern. This engaging novel will take you from start to success in a fun, engaging and compelling story. PEProfile code included in the back of every book.

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10 ProArgi9 Marketing DVD's
(includes shipping

Video Menu:
How to use this DVD,
Dr. Prendergast 50 minute interview,
Dr. Siva ProArgi9 Study 21 minute,
Dr. Craig Buhler Interview 7 minute,
Dr. Prendergast Diabetes,
Dr. Glen Hawes - Blood Pressure,
Judy Emens- Blood Pressure,
Liz Cassitas - Cardiac RN,
Melissa Cramblett - Iraq Vet,
Jay Whitmore - neuropathy,
Ric Morley - healing,
Lance Voss - neuropathy,
Garry Denson - BP,
Sherry Burns- BP

10 Audio CD's on a double disk.
This has all of the files that the DVD Video has, but just the sound.
The Doctors are on 1 disk and the testimonials on the other.2 CD's
$36.00 (inculdes shipping)

- OUt of Stock -
150 ProArgi9 Brochures
$39.00 (includes shipping)

150 of our brochures printed on coated stock already folded.
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Argi9Solutions subscribers can request
personalized files to print this brochure FREE.
Please email Scott Norton and request brochure files.

Please specify the info on your brochures:
website URL

No More Heart Disease
by Louis Ignarro

The best place to order this book is from
This is a direct link to order.
Used prices start at about $6.

Health Journal Newspapers
can be purchased from Sound concepts.

ProArgi9 Journal
ProArgi9 Active Journal

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Business Cards
I have done up a business card I like for a 30 second presentation. I will be doing more as I go along. You are welcome to order the cards with each link. The prices are pretty reasonable, about half what you pay at Sound Concepts for Synergy Cards and these are specialized.

500 cards $25.95
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(You will want to change my info for your info
on these cards before you order.


Print your own labels

Click below to open this PDF form. What ever you put in one cell is copied to all the others.

It prints 30 labels on a sheet and works with Avery 1" X 2 5/8" labels.
(control+e will give you formating optons.)

We suggest clear labels for your disks and brochures.

Avery 8660. (750 labels)
Avery 18660 (300 labels)

Click here for label form

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Aging and Nitric Oxide

Click on the image and print!

Print Age of Arteries - Click Here

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Below are the files for these 20 x 30 Posters. I took the JPG file to Costco and got it printed for $9. Then I mounted it to a core-bord with spray on adhesive.

Here's how to copy this file. 
1) click on the picture to open a JPG file. (it opens on a new page.)
2) click on the new image to enlarge it.
3) right click on the big image and select the copy option.
4) copy this file and bring it to where you will have it printed. 
(use this for Costco) (you will need to copy this file when it opens, It's very big)

ProArgi-9 Active
The High Desert Heart Institue did a new study on ProArgi9 Active.

Here's the best presentation of that study in PDF forms that print out 8.5 x 11 inches. Theres a 20" x 30" Poster too.

"Up to 15% better
than your best performance"

Front PDF

Back PDF