Integrated Marketing

Lower Your Blood Pressure in 90 Days or your Money Back.

On this page you have links to:
your web page
table display stand
business cards
BP cuff for iPad

The idea with this marketing is to coordinate all the different media in one look. But you can use all or any part of this marketing.

This program is designed to be used in a Beauty Parlor, Nail Salon, Restauant, Health Expo, Doctor's Office, really anywhere where people are. You set the counter display up with your business cards and it finds new contacts all day, every day.

Or let's say you are at a Health Fair with a table. Put up the poster and counter display with your cards. Invest in a good Blood Pressure cuff and when someone comes by say, "Do you know what your blood pressure is?" If they don't need ProArgi-9+ they will know someone that does.

It's a whole intergrated system.

Web page

Here is a link to your Blood Pressure web page.

Let's say you are sending an email to someone with high blood pressure. Instead of putting in several separate links, just use this page. It covers everything about high blood pressure and still links back to your Solutions website.

Options to link to this page:
You will want to print the URL for this web page on a business card, but it is a little long, So here are some better options.

1) Use the URL from website)/bp.html

2) If you own a domain, create a sub-domain and forward that sub-domain to your BP web page link.
This will give you a customized web link for your business cards and email.
Here's how you do this. If you registered your domain from, go to your "Domain Manager" and scroll down towards the bottom right to find "Forward Subdomains". It's in a box and the type is small. click on the "Add" option and create a sub-domain. example: Now use the "Forward this subdomain option" to forward this subdomain to your Solutions BP web page.

3) I have registered for our use. I can assign a subdomain for your use. There is a one-time setup fee of $15.
example: (this goes to my Solutions website)

Business Cards

The link below will allow you to put your own contact information on my business card design. You can change the font size and even rearrange the design. This company has excellent pricing and great quality. 500 cards for $25.95 plus $9.90 shipping.
Click here to order business cards

Table Display Stand

I have provided a PDF file below that you can print out on your own computer. I suggest printing it on PHOTO paper for the best results, but regular paper will do fine. .
Click here for the PDF file

I purchased the table stand from It's called a "slanted sign holder". It was $14 and has the business card pocket on it. It costs less in the store and online.
Here's the link to order online from

20 x 30 Poster

Below are the files for this 20 x 30 Poster. I took the JPG file to Costco and got it printed for $9. Then I mounted it to a core-bord with spray on adhesive.

JPG file
Here's how to copy this file.
1) click on the JPG file to open it. (it opens on a new page.
2) click on the new image to enlarge it.
3) right click on the big image and select the copy option.
4) copy this file and bring it to where you will have it printed.
(use this for Costco) (you will need to copy this file when it opens, It's very big)

Blood Pressure Cuff for the iPad, iPhone

If you are doing a Health Fair, consider getting a good Blood Pressure Cuff. I like this blood pressure cuff that plugs into an iPad or iPhone because it is so flashy. People have just got to stop to see how it works.

It also keeps track of the test you are doing, so you can retest later and show people the change.

I suggest getting it from or You should consider getting a large cuff as well as the standard.

Get a large cuff here.



Be sure to get some training on how to take blood pressure.